Lifts for the detached homes construction industry


 Lifts for new build homes, installed and ready for use !



We undertake the installation of lifts in a development site and provide the home builder with lifts, installed, tested, and ready for use.


The lifts:

The lifts we supply are our own product and are not available from any other source.                                                                               The lifts can carry a load of up to 400Kg (5 persons), travel at a speed of 0.15m/s, have automatic doors, can work automatically like any regular commercial lift, consume very low electricity and have low annual maintenance cost.

The lifts are robust, reliable and have been designed a for long service life.

The lifts have in addition extra safety features, as would be expected from a home lift, when compared to a commercial lift.

Among these features are:

  • The lift continues to work normally for down calls during electricity cut-off
  • Door protection with multi-beam optical safety edges
  • In-car stop switch to stop the lift in case of an emergency
  • Disable key-switch to prevent children from playing with the lift

For a complete list of the safety feature please see lift user safety.

Home builders that have their own installation facilities can buy the lifts as a complete package.