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Home lift model: Trent

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Thank you for considering investing in a Trent Lift for your home. The following details are for information only. Please note that Trent Lifts are not sold to individuals; you can order the lift only through your home building company.

The home lift that is offered to you is a regular lift which has been adapted for use in private homes. It incorporates extra safety features that make it  suitable for home use, compared to a commercial lift. In addition the lift is designed to consume less electricity (when both idle or in motion) in comparison to a regular commercial lift.

No compromise has been made in the quality, strength or reliability of the lift; it is robust and has been built for a long life and reliable service.


The lift:
  • Continues to work normally (down calls only) during electricity power cut-off
  • Has manual emergency release
  • Can carry a load of up to 400Kg (5 persons)
  • Travels at a speed of 0.15m/s
  • Has automatic doors, protected by full-height multi-beam safety edges
  • Works automatically like a regular commercial lift
  • Consumes very low electricity
  • Has low annual maintenance cost
  • Has a variety of car interiors to choose from (car internal colour and floor covering). See interior finishes

Standard – one size:

The lift comes in one standard size with:

  1. Automatic stainless steel  side opening car and landing doors, 700mm wide
  2. Car size of 1030 x 1030 mm

For complete technical details of the lift please see Technical information

Safety features

The following standard safety means have been incorporated in the lift. Some of them are unique to lifts intended for home use:

  1. Emergency stop button in the car
  2. Alarm siren + push button in the car
  3. Telephone in the car
  4. Emergency car light
  5. Full height optical multi-beam  safety edges to protect passengers from closing car door
  6. Door open push button in the car to reverse closing doors
  7. Car calls disable key-switch to prevent children from playing with the lift
  8. Accurate stopping with automatic relevelling
  9. Overweight protection with in-car indication
  10. Free-fall protection device, EN81-41 approved
  11. Normal down travelling during electricity cut-off
  12. In case of non-electric fault, trapped passengers can be released by lowering the car to the bottom floor (manual lowering)

Electricity consumption

The Trent lift was designed to consume very little electricity as expected from a lift for home use. During idle the lift automatically switches off the following:

  1. The car light
  2. The position indicator

This causes the lift to consume only 12 Watts of electricity.  At current electricity rates of £0.20 per KWh this will result in £1.72 per month.

During run in the up direction the lift consumes electric power which is proportional to the load in the lift and height travelled.

At the current rate of £0.20 per KWh a fully loaded car (400Kg) running upwards will consume £0.009 (0.9p) for each floor it passes.

During run in the down direction the lift consumes no electric power (actually the idle power).

It can therefore be seen that the total electric power consumption is negligible.

Maintenance cost:

Normally the lift requires a basic maintenance contract which covers the standard periodical maintenance operations. The average cost of a basic contract is £175.00 per year. Upgraded contracts that include parts and emergency visits in case of breakdown are also available.


The lift does not require special insurance in order to keep it legally in service. Usually the regular house insurance covers all insurance aspects that may result from the use of the lift by the owners or visitors. The lift owner should check with the insurance company to ensure that the use of the lift is covered by their policy.

Technical information

The following is a summary of the lift technical details

1. Lift General data:

  • Carrying load: 400Kg max.
  • Travel: Up to 4 floors
  • Accurate stopping at the landings
  • Automatic stainless steel car and landing doors, 700mm wide
  • Full height optical multi-beam safety edges to protect from closing car door
  • Fire rated landing doors, fire rating of the building is not affected
  • Full height stainless steel car operating panel
  • Half mirror
  • In car stainless steel hand rail
  • LED car light with auto switch-off
  • Position indicator in the car
  • Car door open push button
  • Over weight protection
  • Call registration buzzer
  • Emergency in-car stop button
  • Car calls disable key-switch
  • Low electric power consumption – 2KW
  • Low idle power consumption
  • Low operating noise
  • Normal down travel during power cut-off
  • Emergency car light
  • Emergency alarm bell
  • In car telephone
  • Low annual maintenance cost
  • Variety of car interior finishes
  • Talinor advanced electronic control panel


  • Through doors (two car doors)
  • Other than 700mm size doors
  • Speech unit
  • UPS for doors opening during power cut-off

2. Lift technical data:

  • Lift EN81-41 British standard compliance
  • Hydraulic lift 2:1
  • 400Kg max load
  • Speed 0.15 m/s
  • Fermator side opening car and landing doors, 700mm (other sizes available)
  • Automatic travel, SAPB or push to go travel
  • Full height optical light curtain for the car door
  • Motor power: 2.2KW, single phase
  • Blain valves
  • Rupture valve
  • Safety gear
  • Hand pump
  • Manual lowering in emergency
  • Automatic releveling with open doors
  • Homing to bottom floor
  • Fault finding software
  • Fault log
  • Installation mode (temporary) travel
  • Inspection mode travel
  • Fire rated landing doors E120
  • Fire recall travel
  • Power outlet required : 1x240VAC, 16A, MCB protected
  • Machine room: Just a small compartment for the machine and controls
  • The lift is also suitable for use in public buildings

Interior finishes

Car panel colours


Car floors


Standard car ceiling


Standard COP (Car Operating Panel)


Landing door

Standard landing door
Standard landing door
Landing door with optional position indicator
Landing door with optional position indicator

Car Examples

car1Standard ceiling
Non standard COP
car2Non Standard ceiling
Non standard COP
car3Non Standard ceiling
Standard COP
car4Non Standard ceiling
Standard COP
car5Non Standard ceiling
Standard COP

Safety Edges

Safety edges or in their full name: “Optical multi-beam full height safety edges” is an electro optical detector device that can detect objects in the doorway of the car.

The device prevents the car door from starting to close if there is any obstacle detected in the door way (for example somebody is standing in the doorway). If the car door has already started to close and an object enters the doorway (for example somebody is trying to enter the car) the safety edges will reverse the car door and keep it open as long as the object is in the doorway.

The safety edges consists of two edges and it works by sending many infrared light beams (invisible light) from one side of the doorway to the other side of the doorway, thus covering the full (1.8m only) clear opening of the car doorway.

The safety edges have a minimum size of objects they are able to detect and the lift user has to be aware of this limitation; however objects like an adult arm, dogs, cats, and similar size objects are detected easily. Please ask us about the safety edges detection limitations.