Safety features

The following are standard safety means have been incorporated in the lift.

Some of them are unique to lifts intended for home use:

  1. Emergency stop button in the car
  2. Alarm siren +push button in the car
  3. Telephone in the car
  4. Emergency car light
  5. Optical multi-beam full height safety edges to protect passengers from closing car door.
  6. Door open push button in the car to reverse closing doors
  7. Car calls disable key-switch to prevent children from playing with the lift
  8. Accurate stopping with automatic relevelling
  9. Overweight protection with in-car indication
  10. Free-fall protection device, EN81-41 approved
  11. Normal down travelling during electricity cut-off
  12. In case of non-electric fault, trapped passenger can be released by lowering the car to bottom floor (manual lowering)