Safety Edges

Safety edges or in their full name: “Optical multi-beam full height safety edges” is an electro optical detector device that can detect objects in the doorway of the car.

The device prevents the car door to start closing if there is any obstacle detected in the door way (for example somebody is standing in the doorway). If the car door has already started to close and an object enters the doorway (for example somebody is trying to enter the car) the safety edges will reverse the car door and keep it open as long as the object is in the doorway.

The safety edges consists of two edges and it works by sending many infrared light beams (invisible light) from one side of the doorway to the other side of the doorway, thus covering the full (1.8m only) clear opening of the car doorway.

The safety edges have a minimum size of objects they are able to detect and the lift user has to be aware of it. however objects like an adult arm, dogs, cats, and similar size objects are detected easily. Please ask us about the safety edges detection limitations.